Brooklyn Dodgers

Of course, it has a long time – in fact, as long ago as 1957 – since Brooklyn Dodgers moved west to Los Angeles, California, to become Los Angeles Dodgers. The team originally known as Brooklyn Atlantics was founded in 1883 and has won the World Series seven times in its history, in 1955, 1959, 1963, 1965, 1981, 1988 and 2020. However, earlier in its history, Brooklyn Dodgers earned an unwanted, but throughly deserved, reputation as ‘nearly men’ as far as the World Series was concerned.

Under the management of Wilbert ‘Uncle Robbie’ Robinson, Brooklyn Robins, as the team was known as the time, first appeared in the World Series in 1916, losing 4-1 to Boston Red Sox. A 5-2 defeat at the hands of Cleveland Indians followed in 1920 and the Dodgers did not make the World Series again until 1941, by which time Leo ‘Lippy’ Durocher was at the helm. A 4-1 defeat by New York Yankees took the Dodgers record to 0-3 and worse was to follow.

In 1947, Brooklyn Dodgers made history by signing the first black player in modern major league baseball, Jackie Robinson. Robinson won the inaugural Rookie of the Year award, but could not prevent a 4-3 defeat by the New York Yankees in the World Series. Indeed, Robinson must have become sick of the sight of New York Yankees, who beat Brooklyn Dodgers three more times in the World Series, winning 4-1 in 1949, 4-3 in 1952 and 4-2 in 1953, before the Dodgers won their inaugural title.

Finally, defending an unenviable 0-7 record, they managed to inflict the Yankees’ first lost in the World Series since 1942 when winning 4-3 at Yankee Stadium in 1955. Ironically, Robinson did not play in the World Series game, having been replaced in the line-up by third baseman Don Hoak.


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